Past Meetup

1st Annual "Picnic and Poetry (P&P) in the Park" Governor's Island $10

Price: $10.00 /per person
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CHA Affiliates,

The NYC Poetry Festival is next Saturday-Sunday July 26-27. If you have been to Governor's Island you know it is a great place for festivals and events. Combining a CHA Meetup at this event would be a great opportunity for us to expand the confining limits of our space at the Hilton and that mid-day time and open up the event to everyone on a weekend to come together in community.

Governor's Island has undergone MAJOR renovations, this is the first year it will have major public space open up and I see the direction they are going would be favorable for CHA events. I hope this to become the first of many Summer events going forward.

The goal of this event is to observe how the poetry community has come together to create this creative event and see what we can take away to organize our own cannabis community festival to end this summer. Governor's Island closes out September 28 this year and it takes 21 days to submit a permit for an official event. I am hopeful that we have enough time to coordinate a major cannabis event at Governor's Island before the season is up. With your help and support we can certainly make it happen!

At the next (2) Tuesday Meetup's we will coordinate this event to ensure we have adequate resources for the event! This should be a great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other. We will be asking the CHA community for any volunteers who wish to use this as a speaking opportunity for their cannabis-related initiative or it anyone wants to express anything or share anything with the group.

The event is open to EVERYONE! Feel free to invite friends of friends, create an event on Facebook, send out an email or text blast! Lets have a great Saturday in two weeks and celebrity the "NYC Cannabis Movement".

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Price of the event is $10 which includes food and drink

I will have sandwiches, salads, chips, goodies, and cold water. Food suggestions and recommendations are welcome.

Contact me if you have any questions.

All money will be due by July 22nd. Please RSVP accurately so we do not purchase too much food for the group.

Travel light, as it may be a hot day, bring sunscreen, and a camera.