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Competitive Euchre Series! OHIO Rules

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3626 E Indian School Rd · Phoenix, AZ

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Not in the Celebrity Room!

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Hi All-

Its the moment some of us have been waiting for! Forget those quarters at home!!

....But you will need to pony up $5, which is the "buy in" for the evening. I am not sure This will be open to 12 people only. If you respond yes, please make sure you are committed.

We will play with every person once as your partner, there will be no tournament round. The 1st and 2nd place highest scorers will get the cash.


The Deal To determine the first deal of the game, cards will be dealt face up until a player receives any Jack. That player then becomes the dealer; from there, the deal rotates clockwise each hand. Cards must be properly shuffled. The deck is then offered for a "cut" to the player seated to the RIGHT. A cut card is provided and must be used to cover the bottom card of the deck during dealing. Cards may be dealt in groups of 2's and 3', or 1 at a time. It is always Dealer's choice as to the preference of deal style; however, that person's deal style must be maintained during the round. If four passes occur, a second round of bidding commences. If the second deal is passed by everyone else then the "Stick the Dealer" rule does apply! The turned down card is placed face down on the kitty. COUNT YOUR CARDS! Misdeals are re-dealt. Bidding starts with the Eldest hand (left of the dealer), after the dealing has ended.

Bidding The ONLY LANGUAGE which is allowed during the bidding is: "PASS", "PICK IT UP", or ALONE. The bidder may not use descriptive phrases that give clues such as "Let's try clubs", "I think I can", and so on. A warning is given (for the first time), and then for subsequent offenses, the offending team loses its right to bid and the non offending team is awarded two points. On 2nd round bidding, the bidder must state their intentions by saying the name of the suit (The turned down suit cannot be called). Another player may request (order) the dealer to pick up the up card with any holding. A "NATURAL TRUMP" is NOT required. The dealer's partner may tell his partner to "Pick it up" and will NOT be required to go alone.

ALONE (LONERS) A team declaring a Loner must clearly state this intention by saying "ALONE", "I'm going alone" or "Stay Home". Please do not use phrases such as "I'm trying it", or "Sit this one out, partner", "It's all mine," etc. When a player declares a Loner, his/her partner MUST place their hand, face down on the table, in the MIDDLE position, (not to their left or right side). The partner is not allowed to look at the kitty during a loner attempt.

"Defensive loners" (bidding a Loner of your own against the opponents' Loner) are NOT allowed.

PLAY OF CARDS Cards are NOT to be tossed to the middle of the table!! Instead, each player makes their play by placing a card in front of them on the table. ( Form a " square ") Then each person pushes their card to the winner of each trick. The person winning the trick neatly puts it face down in their area. The person that takes the trick must retrieve the trick and store it in front of them. DO NOT push a trick that you have taken to your partner for storage so the tricks will be all together. Each player must rake in their own trick! This must be done to enable the director to prove a renege! (The trick in front of you will be evidence to what suite you trumped)

If a team member bids alone, his partner may retrieve the tricks.

TRAMMING (claiming multiple winning cards in your hand at once) is NOT allowed! Cards must be played completely out!

A card laid is a card played

TRUMP CUBE You cannot ask "What is Trump"? The dealer will have a trump cube, and once trump is named by anyone, the dealer will discard and turn the cube to the appropriate suit and place it on top of the kitty. When the hand is over, the cube is then passed to the next dealer.


* If the bidding team takes at least 3 tricks in a hand they shall receive 1 point.

* If the bidding team takes all 5 tricks they will receive 2 points.

* In an individual's (progressive) event, the person making the lone get 5 points and his partner gets 4. A total of 8 hands are played with every one dealing twice.

* If a team member goes alone and takes 3 or 4 tricks, that team shall receive 1 point.

* If bidding team fails to take 3 tricks (Euchred) the opposing team receives 2 points.

* If bidding team is Euchred on a lone the opposing team receives 2 points.


DO NOT make your own Rulings! Please call the Tournament Director (TD)

RENEGE: - There are no exceptions to the Ruling for a Renege! Loss of bid and the non offending team is awarded two points.

RENEGE AGAINST a LONER: - the side which declares the loner, will score four points. If the declaring team reneges, the non offending team is awarded two points.

BID OUT OF TURN: - Loss of bid and the non offending team is awarded two points. The non offending team may void the out of turn bid and play alone if they wish, but do so at their teams risk.

LEAD OUT OF TURN: - Loss of bid and the non offending team is awarded two points. (4 points if on a lone call)

Hope to see you there, please email me if you have further questions about this format.

*Also, moving forward: You must have attended a minimum of one Phoenix Euchre Meetup previous to reserving a spot in a Sunday competitive series* (Exceptions may be made)

New members- Come join us on a Thursday or stop by on a Sunday to introduce yourself. You may also register as an alternate with an email to me including your cell phone number.