Reverse Engineering Your Job Search

This is a past event

56 people went


Lisa Harriman will lead this seminar. She has taken the advice of numerous experts and created a class that will help you create your ideal job.

What she will be teaching is quite similar to what Recruiters to for candidates. When recruiters find a candidate who they know they can place but have no position, recruiters will "market" that candidate to numerous hiring managers and firms. There is a methodology that recruiters follow. Lisa will be teaching this to you so that you can be your own recruiter.

The last time Lisa taught during the break the attendees insisted that she teach this class again and again. Here are some of their comments

The speaker was a breath of fresh air. I have spent countless hours anchored to my laptop sending infinite amounts of resumés without positive results. I did not think there was an alternative to the madness of job searching.

This was a very solid map to clarifying goals, interests, talents, and focusing on the elements of you ideal job. It stressed the need for self-searching honesty about where you want to go next, and doing the work to get there. That would include specificity on company description, the contribution & impact you expect to make, the roles & responsibilities with which you are comfortable, and the other requirements of the job. Now, identify 15-20 companies that meet your specs, and do the research to get to know them inside and out

And it is just this kind of reality-based, practical, motivating lessons that Career-Confidence brings.

I believe going through the exercises she explained and giving some hard thought to it, will truly reap benefits in our job searches.

I received so much value from the presentation and the mini workshop. Lisa’s presentation reminded and taught me many things: The importance of focus, and finding your passion (what is it that makes you happy), don’t be invisible, and provide yourself that percentage of growth.

Participating in the interactive mini workshop helped to reinforce the presentation. My group leader Carlo reminded me to be focused by openly stating…’I heard a lot in your introduction, but I did NOT hear what your passion is. What is your passion?’ The entire effort is managed by volunteers who are very serious in helping others. I thank everyone!

·This was a great presentation from an experienced, thoughtful leader. Lisa Harriman is a veteran marketing consultant and her insights were targeted and helpful. I learned the value of targeting my job search to firms, teams, and organizations that best fit my values, life mission, and needs…….Thanks also to the volunteers that helped to set up, deliver, and close down the meet up, I was impressed with their selfless dedication to the eclectic mix of individuals seeking employment. Their enthusiasm, support, encouragement, and honesty have helped me grow as a person.

Please treat these seminars as if they are formal job interviews. Men should wear suit and tie. Also, bring multiple copies of your resume.

Career Confidence is a Business Education Organization with a Christian Ministry Component.