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The NYC Career Design Meetup has officially turned 1 year old! The last 13 months have brought together over 700 people to discuss how to build a killer career in this fun, furious city.

This meetup is active—we do a lot of exercises. Most of them are engineered to help you (and your colleagues or teammates) build skills in the following three ares:

1) Purpose. What do you find rewarding? What job should you do? What product should you make? What do you need to change, add, or delete from your professional toolkit to pursue what's rewarding—and still make money?

2) Pitching. Once you know what you want to do, how do you formulate a plan for doing it? How can you communicate that plan to other stakeholders in a way that makes them see your vision?

3) Publicity. What's the message you take to the wider world? Whether you're job hunting, fundraising, or Kickstarting, narratives matter: what will yours be?

I'm a former senior editor at Fast Company and management consultant who has coached Fortune 100 executives on agile work, product ownership, and ways of working. Today I'm editor of Supertemp.com and a venture investor in early-stage startups.

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