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At Meetup, you’ll create and support a product that inspires millions of people to come together in real life. The best part? You get to do it alongside some of the brightest, most passionate people across all disciplines and specialities.

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Why work at Meetup?

Because doing what you love matters. Doing it full-time is even better.

Solve the big problems

Fostering real-life connections between strangers is one of the most challenging, rewarding jobs in the world.

Make your voice heard

Our nimble, collaborative teams and flat leadership structure empower employees to show off what they can do.

Stand for diversity and inclusivity

Equality matters on Meetup and at Meetup. All are welcome here. Always.

Make an impact

It’s cliché, but true—we help people fulfill their intrinsic need to connect face-to-face. And we think the world’s a better place for it.

Made in NYC, growing worldwide

Join us at our headquarters in New York City, or at our newest office in Berlin. Our teams are passionate about bringing people together all over the world.

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