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An Essay : Relations between the EGO and the UNCONSCIOUS (vol.7)

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Assigned readings : The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious

(CW vol. 7, pp.123-163)

Author : CG Jung

In my opinion, this is an important essay to engage with if one wants to continue to critically conceptualize the relation between Ego and the Unconscious, in particular with the Self.

Lets READ it and then gather to discuss it.

I will insert a PDF file. Go to bar above and click onto MORE and then FILE.

If you can not gain access, just email me for the PDF file.


This event is a free-form, roundtable discussion of readings from a book about or inspired by the ideas of Analytical (Jungian) Psychology and the Transpersonal perspective. We ask that members come prepared with passages or themes from the reading(s) that they wish to discuss with the group so that each discussion will focus on that which grabbed us each with the greatest force.


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