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Carolina Bushcraft Wilderness Survival Course I, part 2 of 2

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Instructor: Kevin McGee

Two-Part, Sixteen Hour Course: $80

Wilderness Survival is something everyone who spends time away from civilization should learn. This basic knowledge and these skills will help to keep us safe and alive when the forces of nature threaten. Many people who have met with unfortunate ends would have come home safely if they had better survival knowledge and skills. Our class time will alternate between learning and hands-on experience .

We will focus on:

Preparation: What to do before a trip into nature to increase your chances of a disaster-free experience

Common mistakes that lead to disaster and how not to make them

Basic navigation, or the art of not getting lost

Equipment: The most important items for your backpack, your Personal Survival Kit, and your Car Kit, and how to use them properly

Fire: Man-made and natural tinder and kindling, fire-starters, proper fire building, fire lays, basics of campfire cooking with and without cookware

Water: Where to find it, how to make it safely drinkable

Cordage & Lashing: We will use modern cord such as paracord as well as cord that we will learn to make from common natural materials

Modern shelter using a plastic sheet or tarp

Primitive shelter: Making primitive shelters of sticks & leaves that will keep you warm & dry

What to bring to the class: Hiking boots or shoes you don't mind getting dirty, sack lunch.

This class is a lot of fun & will help you know what to do in a huge number of potential situations. I hope to see you there!

Those who have taken Basic Bushcraft Skills or Basic Wilderness Survival Skills may come at 1pm and pay $60, or come at 9 and take the first part again for free.