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Learn how the earth sustains and nourishes us. Abundant food is growing around us for free in the wild! All we have to do is learn how to use it. This practical, hands-on series will focus on wild food harvesting, processing and preservation with a particular focus on ways to extend the harvest through the year. Gain hands-on experiences gathering food from the wild. The first half of each class will focus on identifying and harvesting plants and the second half will focus on processing the wild materials into wholesome and delicious foods. Anyone can talk about wild foods but true learning comes through direct experience. These intensives pick up where other plant walks leave off. They are highly recommended for anyone who is interested in understanding wild edible plants through personal, hands-on experience. Find out how you can bring home the best of each season.

The fruits and fall bounty class will include pawpaws, persimmons, passionfruits, beauty berry, prickly pear, american spikenard, ground cherries, fall wild greens, and more. Join us as we celebrate the flavors of this incredibly abundant time of year.

Instructors: Sarah Haggerty, 2012 Environmental Educator of the Year and Tanith Tyrr, NCSU Wild Foods Competition First Place Winner


2-hour classes are $15 for non-members. These classes are designed to share new experiences and explore new skills.4-hour intensives are $25 non members. These intensives go deeper and more in depth into each skill.6-hour immersions are $35 nonmembers. 6-hour immersions to allow us to dive in and fully experience the subjects. In our immersions, we bring lunches and share the day together, deepening our skills and our community.