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This is a six week class on consecutive Saturdays beginning November 10 from 9 am – 1 pm.

Instructor: Gumby Montgomery

Cost: $25/session

This program is designed to delve profoundly deeper into the science and art of tracking than we've ever been able to do before. This program is for people who are willing to do homework, get down and dirty, and treat this six week course with the same respect and effort you would put towards a college course. The reward? No degree, no letters after your name…the reward is KNOWLEDGE, the tools to develop the ability to read stories etched across every landscape, unravel mysteries, the ability to SEE!

The classes will be divided into six four-hour weekend intensives and will depend largely on the “dirt-time” you put in between classes. These classes are designed to be progressive and build on each other, but also have plenty to offer the curiosity-seeker who can only attend a couple. Here’s the run-down on our themes:

Who? The Art of Identification, where we learn the “alphabet” of tracking to get us started.

What? The Art of Interpretation. Here’s where we actually start reading or tracking.

When? The Art of Aging, where we learn when our stories take place.

Why? The Art of Ecology, which takes us much deeper into the story, connecting it with everything else.

Where? The Art of Trailing. Now we really train our eyes to see things that seemed invisible before.

How? The Art of Empathy. Finally, we get out of our heads and begin to LIVE tracking, directly, experientially.

This course can change your life and WILL change the way you see everything. No outdoor experience will ever be the same.

Please RSVP Here and then go to http://www.piedmontwildlifecenter.org/adult-course-registration/ to register for the class