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NY &NJ Catholic Singles Fun & Socialable Group of Heterosexual Catholic Singles Only (ages 45 -50's-to only 70's) in the New York & New Jersey areas who are looking to meet other Single people, Never Been Married, Divorced,Widow, Widowed, to create new friendships or even who knows maybe find your right one too. I feel if it happens, it happens. If you are Separated, well then you are Not Single, you are still Married. You both are just taking a break from each other. That means our Meetup is not for you then.

In addition, we take it serious when we say, we would like to go out and have fun Meet New Friends. Therefore, we do hope you do too. However, our events entails of doing Dancing, Listening to Music, Live Entertainment, Movies, doing new things (which I do look into new things all the time.) etc. We even sometimes do Meetup Events in NJ too. Please do let us see what your interests are and the other Meetup groups (if you belong to any) so we can know more about you. If you do not you would not be accepted. There is nothing wrong with doing that, there is nothing to hide. In addition, a Photo of Yourself (updated one would be nice.) Take a Selfie. Not one of your Pet (We love pets, I have a dog that my parents adopted him from an Animal Rescue in our area on Jan 9, 2012 he is definitely a part of our family), or an even Cartoon, Scenery etc... If you do not have a photo of yourself, then you would not be accepted. Also, please do keep the send a Message in. (Which the Meetup HQ has changed a few things quite a while ago, like instead of a send an E-mail to. It is sort of a messenger kind of thing, which the icon is up above on your right side near your photo. In addition, you will get a notice in your E-mail that someone sent you a message.. ). Just in case, if I have questions that I would like to be answered seriously (not with silly answers please. Which happened.), questions like when you responded Yes to an event and I need to confirm it if you are still coming or not. There is a Meetup App for your Phone in Google Play (Meetup App on Goggle Play (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.meetup&hl=en)) and Appstore (Meetup App on Appstore (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/meetup/id375990038?mt=8)). If I start getting no one (not only with me, and others that complain that whomever is not getting back to me them even me. That happened many of times as well.) that is another thing you will be removed for. I have questions that I would like to be completed, another thing do not put any Personal information down as if for example, Phone # or even your e-mail address even websites to promote. Plus No Usernames too. We are a Catholic Singles Meetup not a Public Relations 1. I do hope you understand why we have these rules. By the way we are tired of No Shows, so 3 No Shows you are Removed, Also I do prefer you to keep open your other Meetup Group or Group's (if any) you belong to, so we could get to know you also. That too if you do not you will not be accepted. If you are on so many Meetup Groups, which come on you are not active on all of them. So then, I would not want ours to be another one you are not active on too. There is really nothing to hide, only to share. In addition, if you are not an Active Person of our Meetup within 6 months you became a part of us you will be removed with that too.

Thank You

Hope to see you at our future Meetups,

Susan R., Dawn, & Margaret, Kathleen

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