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The NSO has had a generous donation of about 8 "Old School" caving helmets. But these helmets are very old. The hard plastic shells are in great shape. But many of the chin straps are bad. These can be easily replaced with straps from bicycle helmets. If you have any of the following things that you would like to donate, please contact Aaron, Henry, or Jim to arrange for pickup. Bicycle Helmets any condition Knee Pads, elbow pads Gloves Rechargeable Batteries! It is the goal of the NSO to be able to provide the basic required gear for nearly every activity that we offer. Rechargeable batteries in sufficient supply would save TONS of money that members spend on batteries for caving. Any other items that you think the NSO could use is certainly welcome as well.

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Welcome to the NSO!

Hiking, Climbing, Rappelling, Kayaking, Backpacking, Diving, and MUCH MORE...!

Join the Tri-Cities largest and most active outdoor organization!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to rappel? How about rock climb? Or ever want to go backpacking but just didn't know how to get started? We are the group for you.

The Five Things You Need To Know About NSO:

1) Signing up and participating in your first adventure is ABSOLUTELY FREE! We do charge dues... but more about that in a minute.

2) We are a non-profit community run organization. We are a diverse group of all ages. Any one of our members, including you, can post events and others will RSVP to attend these events. We NEVER charge for an event but every now and then we have events that require a fee. (For example, if we go caving, the cave owner may charge us a fee to use their cave... but the NSO NEVER charges a fee for anything!)

3) Whenever possible we provide the gear and the training. We are working hard to amass a collection of gear to facilitate most events. Right now we have plenty of gear for caving, climbing, and rappelling. We are working on providing gear for backpacking as well as kayaking. In the meantime, our members are very generous. If you see an event you would like to attend but do not have the gear... just say so in the comments. In the two years since we began this group I have yet to see someone left out because we couldn't find gear for them.

4) Our dues are only $5 a year. PLEASE FEEL FREE to join us for an event within the first 30 days of your membership before paying dues. You will automatically be designated a "Trial Member". You will have all the privileges of a dues paying member for a period of 1 month. We want you to see what we are all about! But PLEASE remember to pay the dues to any administrator (or by clicking on the link to the left) if you decide to become a member! We use the dues to buy equipment (which is the community property of our members). We also use the money to pay for this web-site. Children 17 and under are always FREE. Couples MUST register separate accounts. If you are financially unable to pay the $5 dues, or if you need to delay payment for a while, just let one of the administrators know. This is NEVER a reason to avoid participation. We welcome everyone... and although we feel $5 is not much to ask... we don't want it to stand between you and the great outdoors. All online payments are processed via PayPal. We do not retain ANY financial or personal information about you. We do not share info with ANYONE. No personal financial information is collected during your trial membership... and even afterwards, it is only PayPal that has that information. And we will never try to solicit you, sell anything to you, or otherwise try to persuade you to do anything.

5) Unless specifically stated in the event description, our events are welcome to all skill levels. Children and pets welcome provided they can handle the activity and do not pose a risk to yourself or others. If children or pets are prohibited or if a particular skill level is required to participate, the event description will clearly say so. Parents, please use common sense. Do not bring your 5 year old to a rappelling event expecting that we would allow him/her to rappel. They are welcome to attend... but not necessarily to participate. If you ever have any questions, just message the event host for more information.

6) Why do we do this? This seems to good to be true! Well, quite frankly, it does seem that way. There are many adventure businesses around that don't care for us because they charge for the things we do for free. And we hope those businesses flourish. But we just like the company. That's it. We love to pass on what we know and make new friends. There really is NO CATCH!

Join our facebook group at and talk to our members to find out more about what this group means to them.

That's it. We hope to see you at our next event!


All NSO Members!

P.S. Check out our video above. Actual NSO members having the adventures of their lives.

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