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Mt Whitney (training) Hike to Lone Pine Lake. Whitney for Fun!! Newbie Camping

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Oddie and Anna B.
Mt Whitney (training) Hike to Lone Pine Lake. Whitney for Fun!! Newbie Camping


Event limited to 12 total.

The Mount Whitney area is a stunning and beautiful place aside from the Summit.

For this event we are heading to Lone Pine Lake. We will head out in the AM and you will see the trail in the light. We will go only as far as Lone Pine Lake.
This is normally a 5 mile round trip. On the way down (so about 4 miles) we will turn and have the option of going up to Lower Boy Scout Lake (about 2 miles up). Then back to camp.

This is intended to get you to feel and see the area and there is not the pressure of summiting, or starting at a crazy time of night. Many do not appreciate the start and the lower parts, as they are looking only at the top. Many pass by the stunning-ness of Lone Pine Lake looking only at the top.

We are going on this to either train for summit someday or to take it slow and appreciate the stunning area as it is.

We are also close to visit to The Alabama Hills, Mansanar and Fossil Falls.

The Plan:

  • Arrive Fri in the evening. Get there when you can. No set arrival time. The earliest we can be in the campsite is 4PM.
  • Sat: Hike Whitney Trail up to Lone Pine Lake. Then optional to Lower Boy Scout Lake.
  • Sun has several options:
  • Alabama Hills, Ancient Bristlecone Forrest Mansanar, Fossil Falls

This is intended as Whitney for everybody trip. It is also a Camping for first timers.

No matter who you are, . .you can come. We will go slow and easy. Nobody is left behind. This is for fun and community. Not for bragging rights.

Kids are OK. But super young is not ideal. Dogs are fine too.

You do not need a permit to make it up to Lone Pine Lake.

Whitney is a place that is on everybody's bucket list. We are going on this one not to Summit, . . but for fun.

Hence the title: Whitney for Fun!!

Other options

Dogs ok at campsite and on trail. Cats: that's your call.

To attend this event:

If you not ready to commit yet . . .

About our site:

  • This is tent camping. No RV or trailers or giant campervans.
  • Clean maintained restrooms.
  • Running (drinkable) water at our site
  • Shaded with tall trees and close to a creek/stream.
  • Perfect for the beginner and first timers.

OK . . . Tell me about food and everything else. What's included?
The logistics of providing food for every possible diet, as well as food prep issues is just not feasible or safe.
Due to varied dietary needs and food contact issues, it's better if bring what you like and prep it.
Does Include:

  • All Firewood. Propane heaters (if needed)

What gear do I need?
The only specialized gear you need is Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping Pad (yoga mat). Everything else is household items you already have.

Refunds OK if requested 2 weeks before event start. If requested less than 2 weeks: 100% Full Credit be applied to ANY future event we run.

We do NOT discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, or even for belly button lint.

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Be part of the fun. Come join us on an adventure.
We do have other fun events planned.

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We welcome all, and that includes you!

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