What is a Medical Intuitive and Scan? - Speaker: Sage

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Sage will discuss “What is a Medical Intuitive and Scan?”

Medical Intuitive description -

"A medical intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner who claims to use their self-described intuitive abilities to find the cause of a physical or emotional condition through the use of insight rather than modern medicine." Wikipedia

Medical Intuition is a focused, intuitive instinct/insight to identify or “read” energetic and frequency information in and around the human body. The talent to use these intuitive skills is an innate, natural phenomenon… A person who practices this art and science is called a Medical Intuitive…Typically, a Medical Intuitive will scan a client's body intuitively; then, provide verbal or written feedback.

Occasionally, this information (assessment) is also provided to the client's medical doctor and/or health care professional to better prepare a specific, detailed treatment plan. Often, a plan focusing on natural healing therapies is also provided based upon the intuitive information uncovered.

What Can A Medical Intuitive Do For You?

A gifted Medical Intuitive can see and pinpoint specific illnesses, imbalances, weaknesses, and pre-clinical disease states in the human body…

Simply, a Medical Intuitive can see things that even the most sophisticated medical and natural healing diagnostic tests cannot reveal. Due to the deep nature of medical intuitive work, conditions can be detected and preemptive work is done to stop them from manifesting into outward physical disease. By Charles Lightwalker.

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