• First Meeting - Optimizing Pipeline Flows + CD & Testing with Micro Services

    AGENDA: ------------- 18:00-18:30 Networking & Pizza 18:30 - 18:55 Roy Osherove: Continuous Delivery Goals & Vision for CD Israel + Logistics + Sponsors 19:00 - 19:45 Ant Weiss: Optimizing the Delivery Pipeline for Flow 19:45 - 20:00 Break 20:00 - 20:45 Anton Drukh: CD & Testing Challenges with Micro Services *** Video Recording Sponsored by: JFrog https://yalla-devops.com/ Pizza Sponsored by Snyk: https://snyk.io/ *** INTRO: Roy Osherove -------------------------------------------------------- * What's the point of a Continuous Delivery Meetup? * Vision for CD Israel * Logistics SESSION 1: Optimizing the Delivery Pipeline for Flow ------------------------------------------------------- Ant Weiss The main purpose of Continuous Delivery can be defined as establishing flow. In this presentation we'll discuss what flow is, what enables or inhibits it. And most importantly - how to measure the flow in order to make sure our Continuous Delivery pipeline serves its purpose. About the Speaker: Ant(on) Weiss Software Delivery Futurist 19 years in tech, marketing and leadership roles. A fanatic of software delivery optimization. 5 years in technical and executive training. Expert in DevOps, Lean, Systems Thinking, Continuous Delivery, Cloud Native and Decentralized Systems. Coder, speaker, writer. Fixated on improving the ways humans collaborate by telling mind-provoking stories. SESSION 2: CD and Testing Challenges with Micro Services ------------------------------------------------------- Anton Drukh Testing plays a critical role in CI/CD, allowing to gain confidence in every change we make. Tests define expected success and failure modes, and assert your code's behaviour. When your microservices' codebase grows, tests become complex. Each feature requires a chain of functional changes, also changing your tests. The need to run all affected microservices in unison becomes critical. This causes tight coupling, working against the flexibility of microservices. In this talk I'll present an approach to address this problem By embedding testability into your microservices paradigm. I will show practical examples based on our journey from the very beginning to a team of 40+ devs today. About the Speaker: Anton Drikh has been in engineering management positions for the past decade, and is fascinated by how everything makes sense in one’s IDE, only to be pulled upside down in production. Outside of work, Anton enjoys being raised by his family and having an occasional beer.