Thursday morning 9:30 a.m. at Lake Elkhorn

Location visible to members


Let's take advantage of the cool weather and get the pups out for an Autumn morning walk. *** Please bring water for your dogs.*** Remember free to sign up so you don't get left behind :D Please read directions below to find the Meeting Place (which is not the regular parking lot for the park):

Park at the Lakeview Office Park, 9821 Broken Land Parkway parking lot on the other side of Broken Land Parkway from the dam end of Lake Elkhorn, Columbia, MD, 21046. Please read the whole description below:


Please go to the LAKEVIEW Office Park at 9821 Broken Land Parkway, Columbia, MD 21046. Go to the driveway in front of the buildings and turn left. Park by the edge of the woods. Please take your dog out of the car, and look for people with dogs. They will be looking for you & your dog too :)

When you get out of the car, you should be able to see Lake Elkhorn from the parking lot. The trail head starts here at the edge of the woods, close to Broken Land Parkway. This is where we will meet. Please take your dog out and show him around so others will know they're in the right spot :) There is a tunnel that leads under Broken Land Parkway so we won't have to walk the dogs through traffic. (The parking lot at the main entrance of the lake is too small to accommodate us, so we don't use the main entrance to the lake.)


Please allow yourself time to arrive a few minutes BEFORE the walk begins to allow the dogs to sniff each other and form their pack. We will step off on time. We will turn right (counterclockwise) at the lake, so if you are late, and can run to catch us, turn right. (Otherwise, if you're really late, turn left so you will run into us at some point and we can all walk together.) If you cannot make it please change your RSVP in a timely manner, or leave a note in the comments section.

• Six foot length fixed leashes are required for your dog. • If we stay over to the RIGHT we can avoid the runners and bikers. Also, if you see a BIKE or a RUNNER coming towards us from either direction, please yell out "BIKE!" or "RUNNER!" or "ON YOUR LEFT!" so we can get our dogs safely to the RIGHT side to avoid them. Everyone else please echo the warning so the whole group hears it. (Especially important for dogs who like to leap toward runners or bikers.) • Please bring water for your dog and yourself.

Please read all the points below:

Columbia Dogs on the Go provides a way for friendly people with FRIENDLY DOGS (please, no snarling, growling, lunging or snapping dogs) to meet people with similar interests on a voluntary basis. By replying "Yes" to this RSVP and attending this event, you acknowledge that:

• You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of your dogs and any guests. • Your dogs are current on their vaccinations.

• Your dogs will be kept on a leash (Fixed Length, non-retractable) and under your control at the Meetup.

• You will clean up after your dogs at the Meetup.

• You will update your RSVP if your plans change.

• You understand that the Meetup ends when the walk ends. (If you choose to meet other members at a restaurant, dog park, or other location, it is on your own time and not part of the Meetup event.)

Looking forward to seeing you and your doggies there!