Columbia, MD

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Oct 26, 2014


Hi My name is Elisa. Our fur person, Bella, is a Bichon poodle. She is not afraid to show her loving, playful disposition towards anyone.

What is your dog's (or dogs') name(s)?

Bella Mia

Your dog's (or dogs') breed(s)? And birth dates(s) (as close as you know)?

Bella is a bichon poodle. She was born on August 5.

Tell us a little more about you and your dog(s). Favorite activities? How you met?

Bella was a present for my son in Dec. 2007. I selected her among several different breeds. She was and still is adorable; her playful disposition around others and the fact bichons dont shed was a big plus for us. She is known to greet our friends at the door with one of her stuffed toy babies, loves to take walks and if it's not to late, take in a Ravens game with us (on the couch).

How did you find out about Columbia Dogs on the Go?

Through Bella's grandma, Rosalie aka my mom