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Columbia, MD

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Apr 30, 2009


I love doing things with my two collies and wanted to meet other dog people who feel the same way! They are both my best friends and companions and are a total joy to be around!

What is your dog's (or dogs') name(s)?

My dog's name is Scotty; his registered name is: "Beam Me Up Mr. Scott". He is a white collie and is a certified therapy dog who is in training to be my service dog.

Your dog's (or dogs') breed(s)? And birth dates(s) (as close as you know)?

Scotty was born on April 10, 2013; is a white collie with a sable head.

Tell us a little more about you and your dog(s). Favorite activities? How you met?

Scotty is still very young and full of energy. He loves everything-other dogs, people-anything; especially the ladies. He loves to run and he also loves to work. He's very smart, bold and enthusiastic and I have to constantly keep him challenged. He received the AKC Star Puppy Award when he was about six months old and then received his CGC when he was eleven months old. We met when I was looking for a white collie puppy to resume the tasks that my dear Oliver and Nicholas used to do.

How did you find out about Columbia Dogs on the Go?

When I was at Yappy Hour at The Wine Bin several years ago.