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Intro to CE5 Protocols!

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Samantha S.
Intro to CE5 Protocols!


Welcome, fellow light being! If you’ve found this page, chances are your curiosities have led you to the exact right place to further your interest in extraterrestrial connection.

During our hour together, we'll dive into the fascinating world of CE5 - 'close encounters of the fifth kind,' as pioneered by Dr. Steven Greer. The goal is to discuss and demystify these protocols, making them accessible to all.

Whether you're new to the concept or looking to deepen your understanding/practice, this is a safe space to learn and connect with other truth seekers. We'll cover the basics of shared consciousness, E.T. contact protocols, cover some ground rules for the group, and get you ready to join in-person CE5 events!

Come with your questions, curiosity, and an open heart. And of course - your excitement! This is a thrilling path to making friendly contact with extraterrestrial beings. I'm excited to meet and hold this container for us!

Samantha 🤍

Photo of CE5 Baltimore 🛸 group
CE5 Baltimore 🛸
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