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A Course In Miracles discussion group

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Center for Spiritual Living Space Coast

4310 S. US 1 Suite A · Rockledge, FL

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We are 7/10 of a mile south of Barnes Blvd in Rockledge on right side. Go past Barkingham Palace, white statuary garden, when you see Vikings Fence and Deck, turn into parking lot.

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A Course in Miracles (ACIM) was "scribed" by Dr. Helen Schucman through a process of inner dictation she identified as coming from Jesus.A clinical and research psychologist and tenured Associate Professor of Medical Psychology, she was assisted by Dr. William Thetford, her department head, who was also a tenured Professor of Medical Psychology at the Medical Center where they both worked.

About the Facilitator:

Micky Rossillon has been a serious student of the CIM since the early 1990's, having studied under some amazing teachers. After an "awakening" experience in 1998, through meditation, the Course became clearer and her understanding of it deeper.

As the Course states: "Yet those who seek clarification will find it," she was asked to facilitate a class in Indialantic and continued to teach until she had a dream that told her to put down the "book" and "live" the Course. Just recently she began to feel the urge to facilitate the Course again and it was a synchronistic event that brought Micky and Rev. Ron together.

In addition to her background in CIM, Micky is a teacher of World Religions, AP World History at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy and teaches Dream Workshops. She teaches her students in the Dream Workshops, how to decode their dreams and try to steer away from being a dream interpreter. To Micky, it feels better to teach one to trust their inner voice then to look for answers outside of oneself and she likes to teach the Course in the same way.

From CIM, "The goal of the curriculum, regardless of the teacher you choose, is Know Thyself. There is nothing else to seek. The Holy Spirit teaches you that if you look only at yourself you cannot find yourself, because that is not what you are. Whenever you are with a brother, you are learning what you are because you are teaching what you are. He will respond wither with pain or with joy, depending on which teacher you are following. He will be imprisoned or released according to your decision and so will you. Never forget your responsibility to him, because it is your responsibility to yourself. Give him his place in the Kingdom and you will have yours."

And this is why Micky likes to be in a group. "We learn from each other AND I learn because I am teaching...I am the teacher and the student...but aren't we all?"

Micky, who is a practicing Buddhist took her precepts in 2011, and is a married newlywed of two years to John, a Buddhist lay monk. She has a daughter, Shiloh, who is 21 and going to college in Boston.

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