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Central Park beginner Runners

Central Park beginner Runners


Welcome, beginner runners!

I've been running for a month now. Even though I'm not an experienced runner, having someone to run with seems like it would be mutually motivating and encouraging.

I've been consistently running on my own for a month and have lost 11 pounds!

You can achieve this too! If running becomes difficult, please feel free to let me know. I'll immediately stop running and walk with you.

If you're interested in running together, feel free to join us anytime! We'll gather every Sunday morning at the 'Gapstow Bridge of Central Park' for a slow jog (slightly faster than walking).

Our goal is to complete a lap around Central Park, but if it becomes too challenging, we might do half a lap.

We'll meet at 11:00 AM and aim to finish by 12:30 AM at the latest.

Whether you're a beginner runner, looking to lose weight, or just want to run, everyone is welcome!

Photo of Central Park beginner runners group
Central Park beginner runners
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