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We will finalize the specific issues the Central Texas RLC will be focusing on during the next session of the state legislature and roll out a new website to cross-connect various issue-specific internet platforms to help generate greater public awareness, build broader coalitions, share back-office resources and develop greater visibility on web-searches.

Specific internet platforms already under development include:

· (to confront the City Council's assault on our personal wealth through a web of Agenda 21 bureaucracies/policies), · (to provide Texans with an honest medium of financial exchange during economic collapse), · (to push-back the TSA and unconstitutional DHS policies) Other issues around which leadership teams are forming include:

· Healthcare Nullification · Election/Ballot Integrity · GMO labeling and, (my personal favorite)

· Defense of our 2nd Amendment Rights We will also review internet tools to track legislation as it winds through the legislative process and techniques for successfully delivering testimony.


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