Changing the location back to Chalet Woods on account of it getting darker earlier. Will also be limiting RSVP's to 12. If we are consistently getting all 3 courts for ourselves I'll increase it to 14-16.

Please note that there is usually ONE doubles court of 4.0+ players. When there is an overflow of players waiting to play, and there are at least 2 to 3 courts available, please limit this group to only players who are 4.0 or better. If only one court is available, please allow all levels to swap out.

If you don't know your rating, it is recommended you play on the non-4.0+ court(s).

When there is overflow, please only play half sets so that others can be rotated in sooner. No one should be standing idle for more than 20 minutes.

The other available court(s) should be open to others and players should be able to evenly swap out when there is an overflow. If you are not sure, ask one of the organizers to place you.

Thanks for your continued participation!!!