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Phil Zuckerman on "Pillars of Secular Culture"


The Pillars of Secular Culture: Why Life Without Religion Works so Well

As the number of non-religious Americans continues to increase, it is important to understand just how life without religion actually works. What are the values secular people live by? How do they raise their kids? Deal with hardship? What are the cardinal virtues, foundational precepts, and cultural norms of secular life? Based on his research among secular Americans, Phil Zuckerman will address these questions, and hopefully spur some lively discussion.

Phil Zuckerman is the author of several books, including Living the Secular Life (Penguin, 2014), Faith No More (Oxford, 2012), and Society Without God(NYU, 2008). He is a professor of sociology at Pitzer College, and the founding chair of the nation’s first secular studies program. He is also an affiliated professor at Claremont Graduate University, and has also spent two years working at the University of Aarhus, in Denmark. He lives in Claremont, California, with his wife and three children.

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