Past Meetup

Trivia Night - "Social Studies" class


The evening will be devoted to showing mastery in various "social studies" topics such as history, geography, economics, government, politics, sociology, etc. There will be places, people, buildings, maps, flags, concepts of social interactions, etc.

See a SAMPLE QUIZ - at the top of this page put cursor on More and then click on Files in the drop-down menu. The sample is the first file at the top.

The word trivia means different things to different people. For some of the students I have had, virtually everything I thought they should know was something they considered to be trivia. [sigh]

The "trivia" quizzes at this event will be a mix of basic facts that most people who have attended school up to the college level probably would have been exposed to, plus some more obscure tidbits of information that perhaps only someone who likes minutia will know.