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Center for Inquiry New York City
Center for Inquiry New York City
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Applying Stoicism to our lives is more important now than ever. Each Saturday we will be discussing application of Stoic ideas to our lives. Details for each meeting will be announced approximately one to two weeks in advance.

We are excited to bring you 52 Living Ideas Meetups Online 3 times a week: on Stoic Saturdays 2:30pm, Jordan Peterson Tuesdays 9pm & Psychology Thursday 9pm.

To Join visit: https://discord.gg/JjaGPWg
either on your phone or computer. You will need to install the Discord app, which is quick and easy. With the app you will be able to listen On your phone or computer not only this Meetup but ALL our regular Saturday, Tuesday & Thursday Meetups on your phone or computer. You will also be able to discuss the ideas before, during and after the Meetup with speakers and other participants on chat channels for each Meetup.

If you have enjoyed attending our Meetups, here is your chance to share them with your likeminded friends and acquaintances no matter where they are. The world hunkered down and afraid could use some uplifting of minds and spirits. The world needs conversation on great ideas more than ever today and your friends will thank you for it--and they, us and you will be better off for it. Just ask them to join here: https://discord.gg/JjaGPWg

Exciting Upcoming Meetup Schedule:
March 19 Thursday 9pm ET: Ronald Gross, author of Socrates’ Way on “How Would Socrates Face Current Challenge?”
March 21 Saturday 2:30pm ET: On Order & Chaos by Jordan Peterson by Claire
March 24 Tuesday 9pm ET: Jordan Peterson Tuesdays: Applying Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules to the COVID-19 Age
March 26 Thursday 9pm: Nietzsche's concept of Nobility by Jon, Steve and Adrien
March 28 Saturday 2:30pm ET: Dichotomy of Control & Current Crisis with Massimo Pigliucci, author of How to be a Stoic
March 31 Jordan Peterson Tuesdays: Applying Rule 6 “Tell the Truth...”
April 1 Wednesday 6:30pm ET: SciArt Book Club: Sapiens by Harari
many more Meetups to be announced
April 4 Saturday 2:30pm ET: Greg Lopez on Using Daily Stoic Practice to Face Crisis

To attend live Meetups online, to get preview of and to discuss the ideas before the Meetup and discussion of ideas afterwards:
Join Here Now: https://discord.gg/JjaGPWg

We will be joined online by 30 to 60 members of various Meetup groups and our active Discord group.

If you have any difficulty getting on Discord, simply message me—I will help you. I want you continue to be a part of our community—we all need community now more than ever. Talk to you on your phone through Discord.

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