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What we’re about

Private group requiring :

  • a personal connection with a member / referral
  • and or being an active part of separated divorced group of Charlotte and Tuesday calls.

This is not a hookup group or welcome to people who want to join for romantic connection.

We value healing, personal growth work, platonic friendships, kindness, fun times together, and trusted vulnerability.

We will not allow memberships to the partner of the separated / divorced long term member of this group. We will not have exes joining. Only one person per ex partnership.

Propositioning and harassment of members will not be tolerated. You will be removed. We are a group of individuals choosing to do the work to self healing- and one major way way is through platonic friendship and vulnerability.

Exploiting people/ harassment will NOT be allowed. That person will be removed / blocked for the above mentioned items. No marketing /soliciting or personal gain tactics will be tolerated.

Yearly dues $4/person to join.