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This group is the for serious hobbyist photographers with flexible schedules and low-to-medium travel budgets who want to take photos professionals take withOUT spending too much money or time.

Why join? To debunk the myth that it "costs too much" to travel the world. Together we can find unbeatable fares, book them, and travel to Europe, South America, Canada, Western US, and more for only hundreds round-trip.

I've actually done this. Been to many countries, almost all UNDER $1,000 round-trip airfare and average $50/night AirBnB or hotel.

(Check out some photos and experiences: Instagram/500px/Flickr: @MegaloPhotography )

First up? ICELAND!

DC to Iceland Photography & Hiking Trip - 10/29 to 11/3 2017

I know it's short notice, but LET'S GO TO ICELAND for $427, including RT airfare + hostel lodging!
WOW Airlines has ROUND-TRIP rates for $250. Við Hafið Guesthouse in Ólafsvík (near Grundarfjordur) has a 4-night stay for $177 that includes breakfast.

4-Door rental car is $115 for 4 days. (Can split price.)

Bring your PASSPORT, camera (pack light to avoid baggage fees), drone, whatever, and let's go!

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