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Chegg Engineering  Meetup
Chegg Engineering Meetup
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Chegg is a student first company, hence we’re all about learning and sharing our experiences from the things we built and how we set up our engineering org for success.

We would like to share with you what we learned, how we helped Chegg Services revenue grow 57% in the past year, and what makes Chegg different, with a few lightning talks, from our global engineering team spread across the US, India, and Israel.

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Agenda (PST)
* 07:00AM - Intro - Spencer Fong, Chief Architect

* 07:15AM - Scaling DevOps Culture - Ariel Blitsman, DevOps Engineer
Feeling blocked by the DevOps/SRE? Looking for more enablement? Join us to hear more about how we built an SRE community and changed the reality of our engineers.

* 07:30AM - Designing for Failure - Vikas Dahiya, Staff Engineer
Learn about the recipes for designing resilient services.

*07:45AM - Decouple Mobile Native and Backend with GraphQL - Alon Zilbershtein, iOS Developer
How we scaled mobile native development leveraging GraphQL

*08:00AM - Kafka in Practice - Sakshi Sachdeva / Saravanan Sankarasubbu, Software Engineers
Learn how we adopted Kafka as a distributed, highly scalable messaging system to build a Knowledge Graph at Chegg

*08:30AM - Using AWS Step Functions for Workflow - Gil Teplitsky
Resilient methods of managing scalable workflows in AWS.