Natural Lights Portraits Photo session in Semmozhi Poonga park ( third class)

Hosted by Chennai Photographers

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Natural Lights Portraits Photo session in Semmozhi Poonga park, on June 5 at 2pm
This is a continuation on the class (Two months basic photography class with certification). The students have learnt the basics of exposure (aperture, shutter speed, ISO, dynamic range and depth of field and now its time to put it into practice with an practical class, so this is an continuation of that course and others to are welcome to join if they are interested to learn natural light portraits basics.
Focus of this course is on
1) How to shoot in natural light , and get perfect exposure and professional looking shots
2) How to use sun as your key light and use your reflector as you fill light
3) How to diffuse harsh lights by using natural diffusers like shades of trees, white sheets as screens ext
4) How to creatively use aperture and shutter speed to get effects of your desire
5) White balance to get the actual color
6) Modulate white balance to get creative color effects and hues without using filters
7) Creative use of available backgrounds to frame your portraits
8) Various poses and how to train your model to pose for your naturally
9) Differences in posing techniques for a male and female, so that you can differentiate the difference in techniques while shooting a male and female model ( posing a male model is more complex as they have fewer creative techniques in their poses, we will teach you how to expand your creativity shooting a male)
10) How to get a shallow dept of field while shooting portraits ( blur backgrounds)
1) Assemble time[masked]) 1.15 to 1.45 lunch at nearby place , cheap and good north Indian food ( max expenditure rs 100)
3) 2.00 – 3.00 attendance will be taken and shooting demonstration lecture
4) 3.00 – 6.00 practical shooting time, will be guided tour, students will be given various guidelines and exercises based on what they have learnt so far.
5) 6.30 – 7.00 small fun demo on light painting where we can shoot the cars passing by and demonstrate what is light painting
6) 7.30 group disperses

Things to bring.
1) Camera with only one lens ( it’s a practice class and no need to change lens or carry extra so as you don’t lose your gear and neither do u have to carry more weight. Preferable lens[masked]mm kit lens or 50mm prime which ever lens you have. I repeat only one lens if you cant make up your mind you can call me to help you choose a lens. Others who don’t have this can bring 18-55mm kit lens also.)
2) Tripod only one for the whole class ( this is only for demonstrating live view preview while taking a class, so co-ordinate who will bring one, no need to carry extra baggage)
3) Water every one must carry a bottle ( I want to see everyone taking regular sips to avoid dehydration and loosing energy)
4) Hand towel or hanky and tissue paper ( this is basically not for our personal hygiene but to protect our gear in case of accidental spills, lol I am serious)
5) Appox Rs 300 towards tickets and food expenditure, this is approx you don’t have to hand over the money to anyone. I think they charge Rs 50 towards camera fee and then there is an entrance ticket and your parking tickets.
6) Protect all lens with lens protector cost Rs[masked] only.( saves our lens from scratches, as I have already informed the class about the importance of this lil piece of gear )
Things supplied in the class
1) Diy diffuser
2) Reflector
3) Card for color correction

Lil Note about the author:
I am Harleen Kaur and I am a professional Graphic designer, Product/Fashion Photographer and a Teacher. I spend my time freelancing to make my living and in my free time I teach or learn new things. I am very fond of learning and teaching. I have been teaching Painting, Arts and Crafts, Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Graphic Designing and now Photography. I love spending time teaching my younger generation and do conduct a lot of free classes, as I strongly believe education should be free for all willing to learn. At the moment I am conducting free weekly classes on Sundays on photography and planning to devote more time to this in the future. I also do conduct paid classes on Product and Fashion Photography for professionals, they are thrice a week and charged only monthly at Rs 3000, (to go towards my base expenses) and come packed with a certification of completion. My professional photography classes come included with Lightroom and Photoshop classes as you cannot be a professional all rounder without the knowledge and expertise in these two fields. Anybody interested can whatapp me[masked] for further queries. I am a flexible teacher, teaching one to one and structure my teaching to my students comfort learning pace.
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