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We are a dive club with an emphasis on diving! We take local and warm water trips, and participate in lots of social, educational, and conservation activities.

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August Meetup-How to Travel for Free from Eric Vaandering!

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Our meetup this month should be of interest to anyone that has tired of the pandemic and wants to get out and travel again! CSM member and world traveler Eric Vaandering will show you how to save big when you do!

I have just added Zoom link to this. Please see below.

How to travel the world (and have your bank foot the bill)

We’re probably all aware of frequent flyer programs and how they can help us get free travel — once in a while. Eric will show us how to take this to a whole new level with transferable credit card points and the premium credit cards that come with them. Many of us overlook these cards because of steep annual fees, but Eric will show you how you can recoup that fee and much more. He’ll also bust some other credit card myths.

Eric has been a CSM member since 2008. He has visited more than 50 countries, flown well over a million miles, and been taking the transferable points game seriously for a little over five years.

For those that would like to join by Zoom, see the link below:

7:00 - Meet and Greet
7:30 - Meeting
8:00 - Presentation

Tour of the Viking Ship in Geneva, Illinois

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This is not a scuba event, but rather a great chance to get a tour of a fantastic ship from Chicago's nautical history. We will follow the tour with a visit to a nearby restaurant.

The Viking, located in Geneva, Illinois, was built in 1893 as an exact but seaworthy copy of a 9th century Viking ship Gokstad found in a burial mound in Norway. After sailing from Norway to the Great Lakes via the Erie Canal, it was featured at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. After a brief interlude in New Orleans, the ship returned to Chicago but fell into disrepair and neglect for many years before preservation efforts began. The Friends of the Viking Ship now continues these efforts and hosts tours of the ship, where you learn of its construction methods, the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean, and its restoration.

The Friends of the Viking Ship runs monthly tours of the ship during the summer. We have arranged for Chicago Scuba Meetup to get a tour at at 1 pm.

The tour costs $7 per person. Pay at the venue. We can meet for a lat lunch afterwards if people would like (probably Alter Brewing in St. Charles, but this will be finalized closer to the event).

Two afternoon wreck dives in Lake Michigan

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When do you ever get to see a ship's wheel on a shipwreck? Well, you'll have your chance on August 27!

This dive trip is a great one for those who are new to diving in Lake Michigan. It's on the SeaQuest II, which is the largest and most stable of all the dive charter boats we use for local diving. The two wrecks we are diving are the Buccaneer (70 feet max depth), and then the wreck (55 feet max depth) that was discovered in 2020 which is, for the time being, sometimes called Nicole's wreck (she spotted it on sonar).

Here are my photos from the first dive on Nicole's wreck:

Water temperatures might be somewhere in the range of 45 to 55 F. Visibility depends on recent weather and lake circulation, so you should have experience in diving in cold water and with moderate visibility (like less than 20 feet sometimes, but often much better). If you've dived at Haigh Quarry, you can do this trip!

If you don't have a buddy, we can certainly arrange on the boat for you to have a diving partner.

Because the SeaQuest II is a rather big boat, we will have non-Chicago Scuba Meetup people on the dive as well.

You have to bring all your own equipment: 2 tanks (unless diving doubles), weights, wetsuit or drysuit, computer, certification card, and so on. It's also STRONGLY recommended that you have dive insurance, such as from Divers Alert Network (DAN). And it's also optional but customary to provide a tip to the divemaster at the end of the charter (I tend to tip $25 on a two-tank charter), so bring cash.

Double Action charters provides a great info sheet with what to bring, where to find the boat, and so on:

To sign up, call Dive Right In Scuba (DRIS) in Orland Park [masked]). If we get ten people signed up via Chicago Scuba Meetup, we might get a small rebate on the date of the dive.

Once you've signed up with DRIS Orland Park, please add yourself to the wait list here. But don't sign up here and NOT sign up with DRIS; you have to sign up with them to go on the trip!

In addition to the liability waiver from Double Action, you'll also need to sign the Chicago Scuba Meetup liability waiver. Please print, sign, and bring along (though I'll also have some forms for those who forgot):

Plan on arriving at 12:30 pm to load your gear onto the boat and get oriented, so that we're all set for a 1 pm departure. We should be back to the dock by 6 pm.

Dempster/Greenwood Beach cleanup - Illinois Council of Skin and Scuba Divers

Chicago Scuba Meetup will join the Illinois Council of Skin and Scuba Divers to sponsor our International Coastal Cleanup on Saturday, September 17th at Dempster/Greenwood Beach in Evanston, (1401 Sheridan Rd.) in conjunction with the Alliance for the Great Lakes Adopt-a-Beach™ event. We will start at 9:00. Although the beach will be officially closed, restrooms will be open. We will do shore cleanup. The chance that we will be able to do an underwater cleanup will depend on conditions (the picture above is a non-dive) and whether the George F. Morley shipwreck has been buoyed. It is off shore. It is a bit of a swim but worth it in good conditions. If you dive off shore, you will need to bring a "C" card and a dive flag.

Although this is a cleanup, what we really do is collect data on the changing conditions along this coastline in terms of trash pollution of all types. Data is collected on the type and quantity of trash collected and compared to data that is collected from previous years. This is important work. You will be given a sheet to keep track of what you find.

This event is part of the Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup program and is sponsored locally by the Alliance for the Great Lakes.

We will provide lunch

This is a great late season event that is fun, and also contributes to a better environment. Hope to see you there!

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