Dinner with Divers


April's Dinner with Divers will be at Casati's in Lincoln Park.
444 W Fullerton (at Clark)

Our DiNemaster will be Beth.

We have a reservation for 15 people. We confirmed that each of us can order/pay separate checks.

Note that parking can be tough in this area, so take public transportation if you can. Spot Hero may also be helpful.

What's Dinner with Divers?

No Agenda.
No Presentation.
Just Breathing with Buddies.

We love our Monthly Chicago SCUBA Meetups listening to cool topics... but did you ever wish you could just spend some quality time with other SCUBA Divers living in Chicago? Maybe find out where they've been diving lately and where you might consider going next? See if you can find a compatible dive buddy? Connect with someone who may be organizing a trip soon?