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Clarissa Peterson on Responsive Design

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Many thanks to Brad Parbs for starting off our January with a stellar presentation on his favorite design and development tools. I'm giving 1Password a whirl and look forward to trying Skitch. Thank you to Elliot Post for demonstrating his PHP application as well.

Is it possible to get enough on responsive design these days? By popular demand, we'll reprise this topic as often as you'd like! Join us February 12 when Clarissa Peterson presents her take on how to build a responsive website, or make your existing site responsive, by using CSS to create a fluid grid, make your images flexible, and add media queries that allow the site to respond to the device it's being viewed on. Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is recommended.

Clarissa Peterson is a freelance web/UX designer & developer. Before setting off on her own, she spent 10 years managing websites at various nonprofits in Washington, DC. Clarissa is currently writing a book on responsive design for O’Reilly, scheduled to be published in mid-2013. You can find her online at ( and @clarissa.

If you come hungry, enjoy the sandwiches and drinks at BooCoo on a "donations accepted" basis!

Stay warm in January and see you in February.

1823 Church Street · Evanston, IL
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