See Cryptoeconomics in Action: An Understanding of Data on Ethereum

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Join us for food, drinks, and an understanding of how data on the Ethereum blockchain is changing the game for applications, smart contracts, and fundamentally shifting market structure. Two presentations followed by networking.


Hedge funds trading or considering crypto assets; Developers building on Ethereum; Anyone who is crypto enthusiast looking for a reliable data source for decision making.


5:30 - Welcome Food/Drinks
6:00 - Vulcanize DB | Simplify Working with Smart Contract
6:30 - Amberdata | See Cryptoeconomics in Action
7:15 - Networking


Ethereum is a robust platform for decentralized applications, but the same data structures and encodings that make it effective and trustless also complicate data accessibility and usability - we’ve traditionally depended on centralized APIs and block explorers to capture and serve historical data in a performant way. VulcanizeDB has been working hard to address this problem - aiming to make it easier for anyone to set up, maintain, and query their own data directly. This talk aims to share some of the lessons we’ve learned; clarifying how we simplify the process of developing and interacting with smart contracts while keeping our applications and data independent of centralized third parties.

Presenter: Rob Mulholand

Rob is a Principal Software Crafter at 8th Light, where he leads development on VulcanizeDB - an Ethereum Foundation and MakerDAO supported project aimed at making it easier for developers to build application-specific caches and indexes for dapps built on Ethereum. He has extensive experience developing flexible and maintainable software, and is particularly interested in improving the testing and verification of software systems. In his spare time, Rob enjoys mentoring the next generation of software developers, having worked with the Chicago Python Meetup group’s mentorship program and the Noble Network of Charter Schools’ STEM internship program. Rob holds an M.A. from the University of Georgia and a B.A. from Northwestern University.


Amberdata is a blockchain and digital asset data company. It combines validated blockchain and market data from the top crypto exchanges into a unified platform and API enabling our customers to operate with confidence and build real-time data-powered applications. In this presentation and live coding demo, you will see cryptoeconomics in action and how on-chain activities drive price change, along with crypto investment portfolio analytics.

Presenters: Shawn Douglass & Joanes Espanol

Shawn Douglass is Co-founder and CEO of Amberdata, a Blockchain and Digital Asset Data company. Prior to founding Amberdata, Mr. Douglass served as President of Software and CTO at Unified, building and operating the company's rapidly-expanding SaaS offerings in cross-platform data management, analytics, and reporting. Mr. Douglass was CTO at ServiceMesh (acquired by CSC) and drove the strategy and vision of the ServiceMesh Agility Platform and contributing to IT transformation at Global 2000 enterprises. Prior to ServiceMesh, he was Managing Director at EMC Ventures where he led strategic investments in cloud, security, big data/analytics, and disruptive technology and business models. He has held roles as Board Member, Operating Executive, Technologist, Advisor and Investor. Mr. Douglass is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

Joanes Espanol is CTO of Amberdata, a blockchain and digital asset company which combines validated blockchain and market data from the top crypto exchanges into a unified platform and API, enabling customers to operate with confidence and build real-time data-powered applications. Prior to founding Amberdata, Mr. Espanol has worked on several large scale ingestion pipelines and analytics platforms, with a focus on infrastructure automation and highly available systems. He is passionate about information retrieval and extracting meaning from data.