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Family Outing @ Chicago Wolves hockey game (Rosemont)

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Family Outing @ Chicago Wolves hockey game (Rosemont)


Come attend a Chicago Wolves (vs Milwaukee Admirals) hockey game with other Chicago Dads and their families!! Have fun watching a game and chatting with fellow Chicago Dads and families.

The game starts at 3pm, but you can arrive up to an hour early. Games usually last about 2 1/2 hours and are lots of fun, with plenty of entertainment in addition to the hockey game itself!

We have been able to work out a group discount for Chicago Dads and their families to go to the game as a group. We will be in section 105. Tickets are normally $30, but we have a group discount where the tickets are $18.50 AND it includes a Chicago Wolves knit hat with each ticket. So going together as a group gets you a cheaper price than normal and a souvenir and fun with other families!

This link is where you will buy your tickets:

Everyone buys their own tickets and you choose your seats, but that link has a reserved group of seats so we will all be sitting together.

Please wear your Chicago Dads t-shirt to the game so we can stand out nicely in the crowd. If our group is large enough, we'll be able to get up on the big screen!

(Meetup only allows 5 guests per attendee, but there is NO limit to how many tickets you may buy, so don't worry about that number. The number of tickets you purchase is the number that matters.)

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