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T.G.I. Cylons!

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"Sometimes, you have to roll the hard six." - W ( Adama

Join us on the fourth Monday of every month for T.G.I. Cylons, the first Chicago Game Lovers Meetup devoted to one of the greatest boardgames of all time - Battlestar Galactica! Based on the 2007 reimagined television series BSG is a game of strategy and betrayal, tactics and deceit. Following a horrific attack by the Cylons, the remaining human race is trying to reach their new homeworld of Kobol. Pursued by the dastardly Cylons it's a sprint for the finish to see whether they can survive long enough to make the journey, or die trying.

There will be base sets as well as expansions available so that you can play how you want and learn the expansions as you get comfortable. The games will be split between experienced players and newbies, so don't hesitate to come if you've always wanted to play but felt intimidated by the learning curve. T.G.I. Cylons is the Meetup for you!

We meet at T.G.I. Friday's in Streeterville, just east of Michigan Ave. on Erie St. Bring your intuition, your keen powers of observation and most importantly your best poker face. Grab your gun, bring in the cat and we'll see you at the end of each month for T.G.I. Cylons!

Note: This meetup is (by default) set to a 12 person limit. This is due to the player count for each game (5-6 people preferred). When the waitlist grows large enough to add an additional board, the limit will be increased (to 18/24/etc as needed).

If you find you will be unable to make it please change your RSVP so that anyone who may be wait-listed will get in, and so that our games don't end up without enough players.