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Ultimate Werewolf

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“Werewolf,” also known as “Mafia,” is a social-party game of deception and manipulation.

7+ players are villagers in an isolated 15th century village. But at night, some of these villagers secretly transform into blood-thirsty werewolves and devour a poor villager. It’s up to the villagers to rid their village of these vile creatures by voting to hang the villagers they believe to secretly be werewolves. But beware! By day, the werewolves appear as villagers themselves and will attempt to provoke suspicion on the innocent while hiding their own lycanthropic secrets!

Easy to play but difficult to master, Werewolf will test your ability to deceive or to see through deception. When we introduce roles like the Seer, Bodyguard, Hunter, Zombie, Possessor, or Vigilante, the game can take on new dimensions. Players are encouraged to create their own roles which we test out in our game sessions.

Interim in my classes ---woo hoo! One night of werewolf before back to the kitchen... Hope to see you guys again :)

I'll whip up some pasta for those who want dinner... Drinks and whatnot will be somewhere to be found as well...

Please RSVP early!