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All - we have a NEW LOCATION for volleyball on Tuesdays - Knoll's Park in Lombard. Click on the 'Knolls Park' link above for directions.


This will be something for the players who are mid-'B' level and above (i.e. BB+)

We play from 6pm til we can't see any more. We have plenty of bug spray and water available. You are welcome to bring your own beverages. Alcohol is officially not allowed in the park (so, if you bring it, disguise it and don't let me know about it.) We collect a humble $2 donation from each person for each night.

What is the "Competitive" Court?

This is a grass court net

We will generally limit play 4 on 4. If enough people sign up, we can set up 2 separate 'Competitive' courts.

Wait List and Extra Net

If the event fills up quickly and we have a significant amount of people on the Wait List, I will add an extra net and Up to 8 more spots.

What is "Competitive" play

On this court we will be focusing on quality of play. This means that we expect you to call your own errors such as lifts and doubles, if you don't we will call you but we shouldn't have to. To play on this court, you need to be able put the ball away regularly. On a good set, if there is no block, it should be a full swing 95% of the time. You also need to have a mixture of shots including high roll shots, sharp cuts, and the ability to knuckle/poke well. Players should be able to set, whether it is hand or bump set it should be consistant so your hitters can do their job and not hurt themselves trying to adjust all the time. Passing should be able to get to the setter on a normal serve 9 out of 10 attempts. This court is not about who's not good enough to play on it but who has the mindset to play a good game. If you feel that it's good play to pass the ball over on the serve for a quick sneaky point, then this might not be the right court for you. That doesn't make for a good game.

For more explanation on the Volleyball Skill Levels

Volleyball Skill Level Code (

Maintaining Quality of Play

Since we are not qualified to be judges of volleyball talent, you will have to "self police". In other words, you'll have to politely ask those who don't have the required ability level not to play on that court (or you can tell me and I'll deliver the message.) This is for safety reasons. We don't want anyone getting hurt.

If you feel that you cannot keep up with the level of play at this court or it is not competitive enough for you, feel free to move to another court. This is why will have multiple courts. No one is here to judge you personally based on your volleyball ability. This is all for good fun.

You'll also have to "self police" on the rules etc., but I am betting that is par for the course.

If this goes well, I'll make it a repeating event for every Tuesday night during the summer.

After The Games

You are welcome to join the rest of the gang (from all 3 courts) as we go to a local watering hole. We usually have about 20 people.

* The net is a Cobra Net (with no guy lines) or a Park & Sun Net (If we can't figure out how to put up the Cobra Net.)