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Tuesday Grass Volleyball (competitive)

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We have a new location this year. We are actually renting a field from the park district, which means we won't get kicked out and we can keep all the courts near each other again. Due to the cost of the field we are raising the cost to $3 from $2. The new spot has the main facility very close to where we play so working toilets, and a very nice park for kids.

***Directions suggestion***

The intersection of Lake and Rohlwing rd is under construction. If your GPS brings you through that intersection, adjust your route to use Army Trail and Rolhwing. This is an easy adjustment from any direction and will cut off a lot of time.

What are the qualifications to play on this court?

For the competitive courts we play 4 on 4 at most, this requires solid fundamentals to keep the matches enjoyable. We do not tip, set hard driven balls (serves or hits) and we do not set over the net no matter what angle or how the body is positioned. For safety reasons touching the net or coming under the net is not allowed. If we play 2's a block is counted as one of the 3 hits a team is allowed

We are also changing what we expect for ability for the competitive courts. There are 3 skills that are required to make our matches enjoyable, you are expected to be proficient in 2 of these 3.

The 3 skills are passing, setting and hitting.

Passing: 80% of your passes in a passing drill should go to zone seven at a height that allows a set.

Setting: 90% of sets in a drill should be set to a designated hitting zone. These sets need to be hand sets and legal as well, meaning not being held, carried or double hits.

Hitting: 90% of hits in a drill with a competent setter need to be hit aggressively and legally to designated areas of the court.

Serving: is not optional it's a must. If you can't consistently serve the ball into play, this is not the level of play for you.


Some of the rules we play by are not rules in standard and pro volleyball, we adapted some "house rules" with keeping the spirit and energy of the game in mind.

Players may speak to me directly (or whoever is running the court in my absence) for a chance to play on these courts even if they can't reach these requirements. Players may be invited to "play up" to help improve their play, and may stay at my discretion.

Even if you RSVP for competitive that does not mean you will not be asked to move to the intermediate court to enhance play on the competitive court.

All complaints and feedback are to be brought to me directly for this level of play and my decisions are final. (with this I promise will listen with an open mind to all complaints and feedback)

Once a decision on a players ability has been made, shunning that player or intentionally making that player feel uncomfortable will get you uninvited back to these courts.