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Intro to Permaculture: Pt 2 of 2 - Ethics, Principles, Stategies and Techinques

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The Resiliency Institute is hosting a FREE Introduction to Permaculture series for people who are interested in learning the basics of permaculture without committing to a full Permaculture Design Course, or interested in gaining foundational information prior to taking a PDC. We recommend people take all three classes because they build on each other and provide a good foundation. When you complete these courses you will understand the power of permaculture design.

Permaculture is a philosophy for designing resilient systems for lifestyle, land, and community. The ethics of care of people, care of the earth, and fair share guide our thinking and actions and root us in a moral framework. Practice applying these ethics to something you do daily. Your morning coffee – is it Fair Trade? Did the people who grew it, harvested it, roasted it, etc. receive a fair, living wage? Did they grow it with care for the earth, under the canopy of the rainforest, manually harvested? How was it transported? Is it a sustainably managed production that nourishes the soil to ensure coffee can grow there for a long time? Are you drinking it from a reusable mug?

Permaculture Ethics & Principles

We will be learning David Holmgren’s 12 design principles which are based on “systems thinking.” Systems thinking is the process of understanding how things influence one another within a whole. Each principle can be thought of as a door into the labyrinth of systems thinking. Any example used to illustrate one principle will also embody others, so the principles are simply thinking tools to assist us in identifying, designing and evolving design solutions.

Plan on experiencing interactive exercises and engaging conversation.


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