Malware Defense using Artificial Intelligence


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Join us this evening to network and learn about how artificial intelligence is being used in the fight against malware and how our sponsor BlackBerry|Cylance is stopping them. This event is free, and you can earn CPE credits by attending!

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5:30-6:10PM – Networking & Socializing (Food & Drinks Provided)

6:10 – 6:20PM - Introduction from Organizers and Sponsors

6:20 - 7PM - Guest Speaker: Epic Battle, The Rise of the Machines in the Fight Against Malware
Speaker: Rich Thompson (BlackBerry|Cylance),

Abstract: AI helps security practitioners identify threats across an expanding attack surface (think: mobile, cloud services, and the Internet of things) by automating data aggregation across different data files, mapping them back to compliance requirements, and ruling out false positives. AI also helps security teams assess risk and potential harm from threats that target specific internal and external data regarding security protocols, exploits, malware, and threat actors. In addition, AI can automate remediation processes that are used for incident reporting that can be augmented by human analysis to boost effectiveness and reliability. Remember, AI does not just detect threats, it also stops attacks from executing in the first place, thereby preventing future incidents.

Bio: Rich Thompson is the Vice President of North American Engineering at BlackBerry|Cylance, a cyberSecurity company focused on proactively preventing, rather than reactively detecting the execution of advanced persistent threats and malware. With 20+ years of leadership and security experience within the following areas: Information security, loss prevention, physical security, investigations, computer and network forensics, information security, incident response, electronic discovery (litigation support). In addition, he is a leader in software pre-sales engineering and services management. He has held management positions at the field and national levels, and served in both operational and corporate management roles.

7:10 - 8PM - Live Malware detonation demonstration, with forensic threat hunting and blocking modern day threats with AI
Speaker: Brent Concialdi (BlackBerry|Cylance)

Abstract: In an ideal world, security teams would simply reduce their attack surface to virtually zero by patching all known vulnerabilities, updating all hardware/software, correcting all misconfigurations and the like in real-time, etc. However, in today’s hyperscale enterprise environment where new assets that expand the attack surface are added as business demand dictates, assuming that IT can achieve the goal of reducing the attack surface to near zero is simply unrealistic. To manage this dynamic attack surface, organizations need to ensure they have the right set of security controls in place that reduce the chance that an attacker can exploit vulnerabilities within the attack surface. These security controls should, prevent zero-day payloads from executing, identify never-before-seen malicious behaviors, prevent common and uncommon attack vectors, understand when a user’s credentials have been compromised, take decisive, automated-response actions without the need for human intervention.

Bio: Brent Concialdi is a Security+ Certified Security Engineer for BlackBerry|Cylance with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology, cyber security and services industry. He has prior experience at Accenture which includes architecting and engineering endpoint and network security infrastructure related to Accenture and client deployments. Was also responsible for setup and overall infrastructure architecture for the Accenture internal CIO BYO Program.