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Two Field OUTDOOR Tournament - On Turf @ Rauner YMCA!

This Meetup is past

37 people went

Price: $15.00 /per person
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Teams tonight:

Blue: Mike Codena, Emily +1, Ra'ed +2, JL Castro, Chris

Orange: Amer G, Jesse Cooley, Jose Luis, Josh Rusinak, Ricardo Gonzalez, Chris Bremer, Jingjing Liu, Sandeep

Red: Jess Martzahl, Meagan S, Aaron Kanfer, Fernando Nascimento, Patrick Futtner, Ricardo G, David Descas, Ozan Sönmez

Yellow: John P, Jon Friend, Alexis Esparza, Eitan Gauchman, Michael Chaney, Brett Laoruangroch, Maximillian Avila +2

Green: H, Aggie, Art, Anthony, Nabeel Toubayly, Hans Fedderke +1, Kyle McTigue

White: Sam Coughenour +1, Evan Wright, Rob Linden +2, Forrest Davis +1


Field 1: Red v Blue
Field 2: Yellow v Green
Field 1: Red v White
Field 2: Yellow v Orange
8.00 pm
Field 1: Blue v White
Field 2: Green v Orange
Field 1: Red v Yellow
Field 2: Blue v Green
Field 1: Red v Orange
Field 2: Yellow v White
Field 1: Blue v Orange
Field 2: Green v White
Field 1: Blue v Yellow
Field 2: Red v Green

Field 1: White v Orange
Field 2: Fifth Place, Third Place or Final
Field 1: Fifth Place, Third Place or Final
Field 2: Fifth Place, Third Place or Final

This tournament is an exciting 6 team format. All teams play six games over the course of two hours. That is a lot of soccer and not a lot of standing around!

In the spring, this tournament will be sold out around 24 hours before game time. In the summer, it will be sold out at least a couple days in advance. So, if you want to play, RSVP now, and don't miss out!

The facility has great small goals that we set up to make two smaller fields.

Each evening is completely separate and results have no bearing on the following week. This truly is the perfect mix of competitive pickup soccer. Here's how it will work:

* There are spots for six teams of 6 people (plus two subs).

* The day of the game, we'll take the RSVP list and randomly divide it up into teams (A, B, C, D, E, F)

* If you'd like to bring your own team of people to play, just RSVP and pay for them via Paypal.

* Each game will last 15 minutes.

* We'll keep track of scores. Every team gets one and a half hours of playing.

* This will be a great evening of playing and hanging out with an awesome bunch of soccer players.

3 points for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss. The teams in the final two games are decided by points, then goal difference then goals scored. If the Final is still tied after 15 minutes, 5 minutes of 'Golden Goal' will be played. If the game is still tied, there will be a penalty shoot out.


** PLEASE NOTE: You cannot RSVP until you have paid here via Paypal. No payment will be accepted at the field. Once the RSVP list is full, we will open up a waiting list for those that didn't get in.