What we're about

This will be a local meetup group for childfree and childless people. The definition of childfree is a person who does not have nor want children now or ever in the future. The other aspect is for people who are introverts and prefer low key meetup events. Ideas include a nice dinner, game night at someone's house, hanging out in small groups, being out in nature, etc. Emphasis on small groups and low key, low energy events. So no wild parties or things like that. The third aspect is that this is for people who have varied interests, are into trying new things, learning new things, and enjoying diversity. I had ideas like writing and art meetups, exploring ethnic restaurants, going to museums and lectures, exploring spirituality, diversity, and things like that. The main rules include:
a) I have a low tolerance for flakers. If you RVSP for an event and then find you can't make it, please change your RSVP. People who are no shows too often will get ejected from the group.

b) Any member can host a meetup and while the overall theme of the group is that it should be geared towards the childfree community, I would leave it up to the event host whether they want to open it up to parents and others, just mention so when you make the event.

c) This is a hate free, judgement free group and there will be no discrimination and no harassment of any kind.

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Dragon House

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Barnes and Noble

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