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What we’re about

If you like to eat, drink, & socialize while meeting new people, this is the perfect group for you! We love trying new places especially in Chinatown but the group also explores other LV areas such as Downtown LV, the Southwest, Summerlin, etc.

We focus on making connections with other like-minded, and mingling in relaxing and friendly social settings. We work hard to keep a great group dynamic, to make you feel comfortable and welcome at our events.

We're not sponsored by any bars or restaurants.

The organizers of the group act completely on voluntary basis. 

 We are free of commercial interests. Our events range from small get togethers to larger, cross-posted events. Our organizers are super friendly and will do their best to help you fit right in.

We'll have events like Happy Hours, Birthday Celebrations, AYCE Sushi & Korean BBQ, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Potluck, Karaoke, Local Clubs, Lunch, Brunch, Festivals, Bar Crawls, and so much more in Chinatown and other locations!

Membership is free. If you are interested in joining our group, we do ask for an actual photo of yourself and you must be local. We looking forward to meet you!

You'll love this Group! <3

*The No-Show Policy: If you RSVP yes to an event, and do not show up, and make no communication to the event organizer, you will be automatically removed from the group.

* HARASSMENT/INAPPROPRIATE CONVERSATIONS: Sexual harassment/bullying/unwanted attention/intrusive behavior/disrespect are not tolerated and will be cause for a Member getting removed from the Group. We expect Members to show respect for one another. Please do not discuss anyone's personal relationships. It is not anyone's business. This group is a NOT a singles/dating/hook-up site; please do not behave as if it is both at events and online. There is a fine line between “friendly/fun/nice” and “intrusive/creepy/annoying”....stay behind the former line and you’ll have nothing to worry about.☺️ Don't be "that person" who ruins it for everyone else. If we receive multiple complaints about a Member harassing others (either at events or online); that Member will be removed from the group. Please speak up if you have been harassed. When it comes to harassment, silence is not golden. We want to have a fun and safe meet-up environment.