Past Meetup

Intermediate to “我的母语是汉语" Mandarin Speakers (Open Conversation)


Description:This is an open conversation group that has more structure than a regular meetup. We normally have introductions first, an activity or two and then "general conversation" here and there. 如果你是中国人,我们希望你能来,找到新的“语言好友”,告诉我们关于中国文化,还有很好玩!

If you are able to easily answer the following basic questions, then you will be fine participating in this meetup.

-Introduce yourself in Chinese (job, hometown, hobbies)

-Have you been to China? Describe the places you've been.

-Why are you studying Chinese? How long?

-What are you immediate goals? What brings you to this meetup?

Requirements: We ask that you only speak Mandarin at this particular meetup.

Example Activities: Two truths and a lie, Give your opinion about a certain topic for 60 seconds

Location: On the 2nd floor by the windows of the food court.

我的手机号:215-817-1263 如果你迷路了,就给我打电话或发给电子邮件.


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