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This will be a weekly Kung Fu class starting in January, taught by 25-year martial artist and Maine Warrior Gym owner, Tim Johnson. Taught with traditional Chinese methods in a beautiful martial arts and fitness studio.

Chinese Kung Fu, in this class, encompasses many sub-styles of martial arts including: Wing Chun, Shaolin Longfist, Praying Mantis, Hung Gar and Wushu. You will start with the basics and be fully immersed in a wide depth and breath of study in these arts. From basic strikes and blocks to self-defense techniques and applications, to complete forms (long sets of moves) from all these styles. Many different traditional weapons will be taught to intermediate practitioners, such as long stick, broadsword, dragon fan, flute, 3-section stick and more.

We will cover topics of self-defense, self-improvement, self-discipline, energy flow and body mechanics during every class. We do not have ranks in this class.

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Shaolin Animal Defense Techniques

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Paying Mantis Form

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