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We tell our patients it is simple math: if they take herbs, they are getting a treatment every day, twice a day. Compared to one acupuncture session every 7 days, it is easy to see how it could be more effective. If combined acupuncture, we can really create a synergistic effect of getting a patient’s Qi to flow from the treatment and then capitalize on that momentum with daily herbs.

But most practitioners have not spent time interning with a skilled herbalist to see comfortably and quickly combine the single herbs they memorized in school effectively. We end up defaulting to standard formulas instead of something customized that matched our patient perfectly. Efficacy is low, compliance goes down, and pretty soon we are only prescribing patents and not taking full advantage of the most dominant tool in Chinese medicine: raw herbs.

Writing effective raw herb formulas can be really easy. We have just gone about it the wrong way and created a learning method too complicated for any but the most intellectually minded. Traditionally, students learned formulas by seeing them in action, and then read about each herb within it to see why they were used so effectively. Today we have reversed that common sense approach, spending a year learning 300 herbs with no clinical context, memorizing and forgetting them over and over until they are jumbled in our brains. We then spend a year learning formulas as if they were single units and not made up of pieces that should be added and subtracted based on the patient in front of us. We are stuck in this paradigm because we are taught herbs and formulas have an ‘action’, and not taught in the traditional method used by the practitioners who wrote those famous formulas.

At this Kamwo Meet Up, learn how to use just a few dozen herbs to treat whatever comes in the clinic door by returning to the traditional paradigm of Flavor and Nature. By understanding the Flavor and Nature of the most essential of single herbs, we can flexibly create custom formulas to treat arthritis, auto-immune, digestive, neuropathy, pain, allergies, sinus infections, you name it. By customizing a formula for the patient suffering from the disease instead of a patent which treats the disease without being modified for the patient, we can instantly achieve tangible results—and nothing creates compliance faster than obvious results. And nothing builds our patient base than quickly and successfully treating the patients we already have.


Born in 1967, Andrew lived in China from 1986 to 2014 studying Chinese medicine, martial arts and Daoyin. He studied with the last generation of traditional practitioners born and educated prior to 1949–the last generation to be in practice before the arts were socialized in the 1950's and restructured into what is practiced today. Dedicated to saving the skills and perspectives of these practitioners, Andrew founded the Association for Traditional Studies, a not for profit organization that created thousands of hours of footage and hundreds of seminars for these practitioners. With their passing, Andrew returned to the USA in 2014 to demonstrate just how fast and effective Chinese medicine can be by returning to the practice methods his teachers used. Andrew and his wife, JulieAnn Nugent-Head, established a teaching clinic in Asheville, NC. At The Alternative Clinic, patients can experience and practitioners can observe the tangible, obvious results possible from traditionally practiced Chinese medicine.

Meet Up events take place at

Kamwo Meridian Herbs 211 Grand Street, New York, NY

Meet Up lectures are in a 90-minute lecture format followed by a Q&A session. Events are $20, and attendees will receive a $20 coupon for use on our Kamwo's professional online store, so it's basically free!

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