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Do you have a product, service or technology that you want to sell in China but you are not quite sure where and how to get started?

The TianFu Innovation Institute [TFII] can help you establish your presence there, find local partners and get your business started quickly.

What can TFII do for you?

TFII’s China staff offers a range of turn-key, fully customized services to bring international businesses up and running as rapidly as possible, including:

• Connecting with local sources of investment andfinancing;

• Assisting with local incorporation procedures and banking procedures

• Providing access to government subsidies, grants and incentives;

• Identifying initial customers;

• Simplifying logistics (office facilities, back office functions, etc.).

Who is TFII (

The TianFu Innovation Institute was established with joint efforts of SRI International, Menlo Park, California and the local government of the TianFu New Area of Chengdu, China, as an innovation bridge between China and Silicon Valley.

TFII’s mission is to accelerate the formation of start-up companies based on locally developed intellectual property, and to facilitate the establishment of foreign technology companies in the Chengdu area.

Chengdu is a major metropolitan in the Southwest of China. With a population of 15 millions, a GDP exceeding RMB 1 trillions and over 50 high caliber universities, the City’s vibrant economy is fueled with a wide range of modern industries ranging from IT, bio-science, advanced manufacturing, new materials and many others.

Please send a brief description of your business or an executive summary that includes:

• A description of the customer problem and/or market need you have identified;

• What defensible technology and/or marketingapproaches do you have to address the needs;

• A benefit-per-cost analysis for your target customers;

• Who you are competing against and how you plan to win;

• The skills and achievements of your team.

Contact: [masked]