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SSoC October Science Cafe – Brahm Corstanje's Paranormal Theatre

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As a very special October Science Cafe event, we will be having mentalist, magician, and community theatre actor Brahm Corstanje take us on a disturbing psychological journey to one of England’s most notorious mental asylums. Performing under the moniker “The Haunted One”, he provides a live haunted themed magic show in the form of a theatrical re-creation of extrasensory powers and spirit manifestations. This is a unique opportunity to see, live, what less scrupulous individuals have presented to the public -- and less informed researchers have accepted -- to be convincing evidence of the spiritual realm.

Brahm Corstanje has been studying the unexplained for over thirty years and presents a unique perspective in this field. He is a member in good standing with a number of organizations relevant to the field of faux spirit communication including the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Society of American Magicians. For more information on his background in this field, visit (

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the subject matter presented may be too intense for persons under 13 years old.

This event is a great introduction to the Science Cafe series of meetings and will focus on a very unique entertainment experience for the Cincinnati area. Please bring a friend or a few and we will award a prize to whoever brings the biggest group.


Science Cafes are free monthly events that bring together the general public and working scientists in an informal setting. Cincinnati is home to many working scientists who are performing breakthrough studies in our own backyard, but these scientists rarely have a chance to speak about their amazing research to members of the community. Everyone is invited to attend, enjoy a dinner of fish and chips, drink a frosty lager, and learn about the wonders of scientific progress. How cool is that?

Science Cafes generally follow the schedule:
6pm - Dinner and Pre-Talk Discussion
7pm - Speaker (talks usually run 45 minutes-1 hour)
8pm - Q&A, Trivia, Prizes and Speaker Meet & Greet

Feel free to join us for all or part of the event.

The “Cincy Science Cafe” will always encourage our speakers to allow plenty of time for questions and answers. The organizers want these events to be a conversation, and not a lecture. Everyone is encouraged to let their curiosity get the best of them and ask as many questions as they wish.

“Cincy Science Cafe” is put on by The Skeptical Society of Cincinnati and a member of the NOVA ScienceNOW network. We also are partnering with University of Cincinnati’s Sigma Xi fraternity, the Free Inquiry Group, and the Association of Rational Thought to bring these events to the Cincinnati Area.

More information here: ( );
Skeptical Society of Cincinnati:
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