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JOIN WITH CAUTION: this diverse cine-club may lead to making new friends, experiencing amazing cinema, discovering or rediscovering new filmmakers, trying new craft beers and reading wine labels!

Cinema Focus is a screening and discussion series that celebrates the art of cinema, through the presentation of public programming. Currently hosting screenings in the Pilsen! We envision fostering an inclusive community through the curation of America independent films, foreign films, and vintage cinema. Film is an architect of change as it can shift how society relates to one another. We are founded on the principle that the social significance of film derives from its unique opportunity to bridge the gap of misunderstandings. Our goal is to create a place of connection for both the film lover and creator and ensure that diverse perspectives have a platform. The purpose of this meetup group is to create a community around a shared love and passion for the art of film.

Winter 2019-2020 Film Series:

“Truth, Lies & Headlines” A cinematic exploration of the impact American media, its ever-shifting appetite for sensation, and its influence of public opinion.

• December 2019 - Part One: New Journalism movement

All the Presidents Men (1976, Directed by Alan Pakula)

• January 2020 - Part Two: Trial by Media

Park Row (1952, Directed by Samuel Fuller)

• February 2020 - Part Three: Lurid Headlines

Ace in The Hole (1951, Directed by Billy Wilder)

• March 2020 - Part Four: A Voice of Dissent

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005, Directed by George Clooney)

• April 2020 - Part Five: Carnival of Black Pathologies

Bamboozled (2000, Directed by Spike Lee)

• May 2020 - Part Six: Political Culture & Shifting News Media Landscape

Network (1976, Directed by Sidney Lumet)

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FREE SCREENING: Park Row (1952 Dir. Samuel Fuller)

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Free Screening Carmen Jones (1954) @ The Block Museum

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FREE SCREENING: All The President’s Men (1976)

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FREE Chicago Short Film Festival

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