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Transbelief Dialogue 36, Lake Nokomis, "Edu-pocalypse!"

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Welcome to our 36th Transbelief Dialogue & Nature Walk, where we follow Aristotle's path of peripatetically discussing our differences. It's been called "Mindwalk + My Dinner with Andre!" This time, our Nature Walk-n-Talk will stroll Nokomis Lake, at 2:00pm Sunday, November 10. The weather is predicted to be 44 and Sunny (and maybe with remaining fall colors!). After our stroll, we'll hang out at Fat Lorenzo's, across from the south shore of Nokomis, for after-dinner!

This Meetup is part of our group's recurring forum, The Dialogium, for facilitative, reasoning dialogue between FMCOR's very different folks!

And what will be the topic for our Dialogium 36 at Lake Nokomis? Suggested by long-time FMCOR member, Kristin, we'll discuss a big issue for both students and recent Mpls Mayoral candidates -- "WTF happened to free, good-quality education!?", in:


As we stroll Lake Nokomis we'll tackle these issues:

• Why in the 21st Century are Edina schools fully equipped while N. Mpls schools go begging for pencils?

• Why are students in hock for life just to get a "necessary" college degree?

• Where are the parents of poor kids?

• Why is the GOP cutting Head-Start? Can 4-year-olds really be "lazy slackers"?

• Why are Americans graded C- & falling fast in world academic rankings?

• Is the movie "Idiocracy" a parody, or a prophecy?

• Are educators really blind to race?

• Should CalTech accept blacks with lower SATs than whites? What about whites with lower SATs than asians?

• Why did the Teacher's Union agree to bonuses for its best teachers -- of $3 per year?

• Why isn't the world's best teacher(s) just videotaped and all classes made free online?

• Are online Universities (like Mpls' Capella) the future? Or a trap for the gullible?

• Why have the Three-R's been dumbed down since our Latin-fluent kids in the 1850's?

• Why do most Americans refuse to accept the concept of species evolution?

Don't miss FMCOR's Dialogium 36, on Sunday, NOVEMBER 10, 2-4pm, to tell us your own view of the Education Armageddon!

Logistics: Let us know when you RSVP if you need a carpool ride.

After our 2:00-4:00 p.m. Walk-n-Talk, those who've worked up an appetite (or need to warm up) will join us at for after-dinner at Fat Lorenzo's.

Invite your friends for our Walk & Talk -- the more different we are, the more enlightening our conversation!

Hoping to see (and hear!) you at our Dialogium 36 on "Edu-pocalypse!" -- RSVP "Yes" today!

(When you RSVP, please tell us: 1) If you want a carpool ride to and from our Meetup & Dinner; 2) If you need monetary assistance to attend our after-dinner; and 3) If you have suggestions for a question you'd like FMCOR to discuss at a later Dialogium.